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Tradewinds began because of the Nepalese Revolution...read more to find out how!

My Big Fat Indian Wedding:
Read all about the fun David and Diana had when they became the honored guests at a wealthy Delhi merchant's daughter's wedding!

Getting Nawanged:
Hear all about the interesting customs of Tibetan hospitality...or was someone just trying to get David drunk?

Lost! On a tiny island 1,000 kilometers away!
This is one of the craziest adventures of all. A wild ride not to be missed!

The strangest menu we ever read
Get ready for some tasty dishes!

Lights Out in Kathmandu:
Read a beautiful description of Kathmandu by lantern light; a stirring picture of life in a world eager to modernize without overlooking the simpler pleasures.

Embracing Buddhism:
What happens when Diana comes face to face with a monk on a walkway small enough to allow only one person to pass at a time?

A Night in a Genuine Hill Tribe Village:
Diana is invited by family of vendors from a small Thai tribal group to spend the night with them and be a guest in their home!

The Kathmandu Bead Market:
Rainbow waterfalls of thousands of beads, old men sitting cross-legged, ancient traditions sharing a 5-cornered intersection in Kathmandu with modern trade and commerce.

Escape to Freedom
Read the harrowing yet true story of one boy's escape from tyranny despite frostbite, starvation and avalanches, and learn why he decided to brave the Himalayan mountain passes for freedom.

Live From Bangkok- Khao San Road
A walk on the wild side, on the streets of Bangkok at night

Jokes for the John
A series of comical and unexpected stories about using the bathroom in foreign countries.

Meeting the Godfather
Diana's unlikely introduction into the world of gemstones. Read how finding a gem teacher in Kathmandu requires a coconut, among other things! This is part one of a four part series.

Gem Lessons with the Godfather
Diana's lessons with the Godfather continue. Read about some of the interesting lessons the Kathmandu market had in store for Diana! This is part two of a four part series.

The Royal Crown Jewels
In this installment, Diana's lessons with the Godfather put her face to face with a real treasure. Read about how close she came to owning a piece of Nepalese history. This is part three of a four part series.

India Will Always Surprise You
An encounter with one of India's strangest Hindu holy men.

The Magic of the Butter Lamps
A promise made to a friend results in a special visit to a Tibetan Temple.

Culture Shock to the Max
Unforgettable first impressions of India.

Never, Never Drive a Bicycle Rickshaw Yourself!
An "accidental" encounter with a barbed wire fence and the Indian caste system.

How to Meet a New Country - Our First Day in Egypt
David and Diana travel off the beaten track, discovering the culture of Cairo that tourists never see.

The Gods Must Be Crazy - A Story of Kathmandu
Diana's host family gives her a special glimpse into cultural perspectives across different generations.

Tiny Tales of India
These little vignettes offer a true picture of business and pleasure in India.

Chinese Reggae
What happens when Chinese Culture meets Bob Marley? Where do you go for a good Irish pint in Chengdu? What happens when you leave Australians in charge of your social life? Find out in Diana's latest travel story installment!

A Stroll Down My Street in Nepal
Walk with Diana through the streets of Kathmandu on an average buying day in the markets.

The Perfect Location for an Indiana Jones Movie
Sheer rock cliffs thick, double stone walls, spiked at the top. Elephant gates. A flooded moat with crocodiles. These are just a few of the trials you would have encountered if you were a medieval invader trying to storm the Daulatabad Fort in Aurangabad, India. Explore with Diana the ingenuity of Mohammed Tughlaq, Sultan of Delhi in the 14th Century, and see if you can find a way through!

Beach of the Cave of the Sea Goddess
Overhanging cliffs, secret hidden shrines, crazy performing monkeys - Diana knows the best beach in the world.

Egypt Without a Tour Group
David and Diana chose to explore Egypt with nothing but a guide book - and had some amazing adventures!

We Actually Lived in a Cave
David and Diana explore Cappadocia, Turkey. They stay in a cave village and discover the wonders of underground life - complete with an internet cave!

The Fabled Topkapi Palace of Istanbul
A foray into the legendary world of the Ottoman Sultans, their harems, and their treasures

Istanbul on a Magic Carpet
David and Diana explore the famous city that has always been "The Crossroads of the World"

Prisoners in Paradise
The hair-raising tale of a kidnapping in Thailand

Full Moon Over Transylvania: In Search of Dracula
Does modern Transylvania still deserve its sinister reputation for mysterious villages, haunted castles and vampires?

Train to the Roof of the World
A high altitude ride with on the new railway to Lhasa Tibet.

An Incredible Act of Faith - The Kailas Temple at Ellora, India
This amazing temple was not built... Instead, it was hand sculpted, out of solid rock!

The Fabulous Grand Bazaar of Istanbul
Take a virtual tour through one of the world's great bazaars with a professional buyer.

The Evil Eye - In Turkey, And Around The World
The age old belief in the curse of the Evil Eye

The Day I got Into Trouble at the Kathmandu Airport
Diana almost gets arrested by Nepalese Customs

Hamams - Turkish Steam Baths - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!
Steam baths are wonderful, but not always!

Huckleberry Finn is alive and well in India
a magical twentyfour hour sojourn on a houseboat

Ziplines Through the Jungle
Diana spends a day literally flying through the jungle in Thailand

Shipwreck! Scuba Diving in the Andaman Islands
Diana and Dave explore a sunken ship

Fish Story
Memorable encounters with creatures of the deep

A delightful surprise in Kanchipuram
An unexpected street festival catches Diana and Dave off guard

Diving and Dreaming
Enter the surreal world of scuba diving

Death Wish: A Horror story about Indian Driving Habits
When India gets behind the wheel, a person can't help but think about the next incarnation...

A Monkey, some Holy Men, and One Foolish Tourist
A very silly encounter with Nepalese Wildlife

An Eerie Foretelling
A vision of the future comes tragically true

Accused of Witchcraft in Nepal
Diana gets into trouble with superstitious Nepalese villagers

Beware! The Hills really areAlive, with the Sound of Music, in Austria
A hilarious perspective on the Austrian countryside

Running With The Bulls in Veranasi
Diana runs for her life in India

"Doctor of the Stones"
An extraordinary encounter that led to an even more extraordinary revalation

Night of Ten Thousand Lights
Thousands of tiny clay oil lamps light up a temple festival in India

Viva Vang Vieng!
A small town in Laos with a whole lot to offer

My Day in Kathmandu
What is it really like to be a foreign jewelry buyer in Nepal?

Tea for Two - A curious tale of the Indian Embassy
Getting a visa stamp turns into an "Alice in Wonderland" moment

Corkscrew Tunnels and Hairpin Turns - on the Road Through the Austrian Alps

a Beerfest, a Mercedes Benz, and a wonderful roadtrip through an Austrian National Park

The Wedding Crashers
Dave and Diana cen't resist crashing some colorful Indian wedding receptions

Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon
Tales and travel diaries from our journey to this idyllic Buddhist country

Day of the Dead in Mexico - A Christian Festival With An Aztec Heart
Aztec rituals and Christianity merge in this colorful festival honoring Mexico's dead.

Mexican Rock and Roll
A classic story from back in the days, before Tradewinds started, when Dave and Diana were professional musicians

Tales of Peru
A series of vignettes about an adventure in Peru in 2010

A Precious Hour in a Japanese Zen Garden
A Japanese Zen garden is not just a garden. It is a teaching given to us by the ancient Zen Master's own hand

Om Shanti
A visit to Veranasi India, and an exploration of India's vast spirituality

Piss Alley, Tokyo Japan
Welcome to Tokyo's famous (and infamous) "Piss Alley"

Six Ferocious Lions
The Spring Festival in Takayama Japan

The Magic of Indian Miniature Painting
Diana meets an extraordinary artist

Monkey Business
Diana's encounter with a Macaque monkey leaves her impressed with his cleverness

On the trail of the Wild Rhinoceros, in Chitwan National Park in Nepal
Trena and Diana have many exciting jungle adventures

Romantic Rajasthan
Like tales out of the Arabian Nights, the fabled palaces and cities of old Rajasthan still enchant visitors

Living Large: Giant Manta Rays and Komodo Dragons
Close encounters with legendary Indonesian wildlife

Fish school
Diana becomes the adopted mother of a large school of fish

Heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Spanish culture and Incan ruins give this old town a romantic atmosphere and a haunting history


A Real Tradewinds Ghost Story
a Tradewinds customer has a paranormal experience with an old ritual item purchased from our store

Not for the faint of heart: Haggling for gemstones in India
Visit the secretive inner world of the stone dealers in Jaipur see how deals are really struck in the "wild wild East"

Visit a Stone Age Village: Flores, Indonesia
A village's charming thatched dwellings, traditional beliefs and megalithic stone altars are preserved in Indonesia

The Vegas Adventures
Diana takes her 21 year old nephew to "sin city."

Live-Aboard Diveboat in Thailand
Underwater thrills and chills

Liar, Liar, pants on Fire: A Survival Guide to India
A cautionary tale for first time tourists

Anxious Transit: Our flight through Saudia Arabia on our way to Africa
Landing in the country at the center of Islam puts American tourists into an a truly foreign and somewhat intimidating atmosphere

Addis Ababa: Capital City of Ethiopia
Powerful first impressions of Sub-Saharan Africa

Northern Ethiopia: a Road Trip through History
Part one: The journey to Axum from Addis Ababa

a nine day adventure

Northern Ethiopia: a Road Trip through History
Part two, Axum to Lalibela

a nine day adventure

Northern Ethiopia: a Road Trip through History
Part three: The stone churches of Lalibela

part three of a nine day adventure through historic Northern Ethiopia

The Path of the Gods: Positano Italy
a hiking trail to Paradise

Ghost Town: Pompeii Italy
Plaster casts reveal the faces of a two thousand year old tragedy

Nature gone wild: Costa Rica
take an adventure trek through the mountains and the lush rainforests of Costa Rica

Bus rides from Hell
See how Diana's experiences stack up against your own...

Southern Ethiopia: the Tribal Lands
The road trip through Ethopia heads south. We meet tribal folk and attend a thrilling bull jumping ceremony

Life, Death, and India
a death in the family occurs while overseas, and Diana taps India's vast well of spirituality

Costa Rica: a tale of two self-sustaining organic farming communities...
One is human, and one is not...

The Trip of a Lifetime: Travels with my Eighty-Nine Year Old Mother
A trip down Europe's most famous waterways on a Viking River Cruise Ship

A trip to Hong Kong, and inside one of the world's greatest gem exhibitions

Diana and Dave go looking for Australian wildlife, and get more than they bargained for

New Zealand's fabulous scenic highlights, which were featured in the movie series "Lord of the Rings"

What's cooking in Bali? Deliciousness!

A dramatic traditional Balinese dance is performed in a mysterious moonlit setting

Visit a place where just a stroll down the street becomes a test of endurance

can the tropical fantasy survive the modern world?

Sintra, Portugal: Castles and Cockatoos
fantasy castle fun!

Dinner over a camel dung fire: Jaisalmeer, India
A surprise sunset encounter in the desert...

Exploring Portugal's Wine Country
very pleasant days in the Douro Valley

Young, Naive and Stupid
One of the dumbest things I have ever done while traveling

Parade of Monsters: How the Balinese celebrate the New Year
Ferocious demonic statues are carried through the streets.... and then the actual demons come out to terrorize the island

Death and Ancestor WorshopStrange burial practices of Tana Toraja

Detained in Pakistan Tense moments during a layover in Karachi in 1996

A funny thing happened on our way down the Nile While exploring Egypt, Diana and Dave take a sailboat ride down the Nile - and Diana gets more than she bargained for.

Sukawati - a Special Balinese Market Town Haggling for woodcarvings is both fun and challenging, when we are speaking in Indonesian

The Columbian Bimbo ...an airport experience I'll never forget

Tidings of Joy When people win over authoritarianism, against all odds, the exhilaration of such momentous change is overwhelming

Pilgrimage to Mt Popa A naughty prank interrupts our visit to a famous temple

"Resort" Life Culture clash on the beach!

Bookstore surprise it all depends on a person's point of view...

Happy, Happy HoliDave and Diana get plastered with colored powder during India's Spring color festival.

Tomb crawling with the Pharaohs venture to the underworld of ancient Egypt

Covid Remote shopping at Tradewinds