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What wonderful examples of traditional tribal hand stamped designs! These earrings are made by Hmong and Karen tribal artisans in Northern Thailand. The silver is Sterling, but it is not polished by modern machines. This organic quality gives these earrings a very unusual soft finish. French Hooks.

ABOUT THIS SILVER: These designs are handmade in tribal villages in Northern Thailand. Traditional artisans work in very pure silver, because they usually work without machine tools. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure, but the handmade portions of these pieces are 98% pure silver. Note that the silver doesn't have the same polish as commercial silver, this is because the finish is pure, unpolished, organic silver. These pieces are entirely handcrafted, so earrings don't often match with exact precision.
      Most of our jewelry is made by the Hmong or Karen tribal groups. (Google-search Northern Thai Hilltribes Images to see who is making our silver. The pictures are really interesting, and will give you added appreciation for this product).

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Dimensions of Piece 1 1/4'' X 1 7/8''
Material(s) Sterling Silver
Price: $99.50