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A Tradewinds Original design: GREEN FLASH
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A Tradewinds Original design: GREEN FLASH

There's a legend among sailors: if you are out at sea, in tropical waters, and you look carefully, just as the sun disappears from view at night, you might see a brilliant flash of green on the horizon. Conditions have to be perfect: a big wave has to rise on the horizon just as the sun goes down. It's extremely rare.
      And so is the Green flash in this pendant. This is an Australian Boulder Opal, formed by evaporating seawater on the beach, millions of years ago, also under perfect conditions. The flash of green in both the large and small stones is vivid when it moves.

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Dimensions of Piece 2" x 1"
Color Brown and green
Birthstone Month October
Stone Dimensions 30 x 35 mm 3x5 mm
Stone Australian Boulder Opal and Australian Opal doublet (accent stone)
Material(s) Sterling Silver
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