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Wholesale Requirements

$1000 and 25 piece minimum. Any business with a legal Tax I.D. number from their state is welcome to inquire.

Buyer for Hire

Tradewinds’ buyers are on the road for many months a year. During our 17 years of importing, we have provided buying services for many companies over the years. We use a "Buyer for Hire" approach, which is not the orthodox approach to wholesale. As a buyer for hire, we would piggyback your goods onto our order. Since you would prepay a non-refundable deposit of 25%, we are not speculating on the goods. As a result, we will only charge you the cost of goods, shipping, duties and a 25% markup. American wholesalers typically charge about three times the overseas cost, but with Tradewinds A buyer for hire, you will pay only about 60% of American wholesale. This is a great deal for you, and allows us synergy with our orders, giving us more buying power and cutting our shipping and customs clearance costs. Everyone wins. The only way you can get it cheaper is to go overseas yourself, but unless you were to buy a substantial amount on such a trip, your travel costs would make your goods more expensive than through us. The drawbacks are that you may have to order when we do, and the goods may take months to arrive.

There are two basic approaches to ordering with "buyer for hire". One is to concentrate on a specific product line, or series of lines, and for you to specify the items in the order. The other way is to give the Tradewinds a budget, and let our buyer have latitude within that budget to select the stock.

Here are two examples of each type of buying and how it can work for you. These are wholesale buys that we have successfully completed for other companies.

Selected Product Line Purchases

We purchased Nepalese singing bowls for a company. The products were chosen by the customer in advance of the purchases, and we received price quotes based on current prices from our Kathmandu supplier. Our customer approved the prices, gave us a deposit, and Tradewinds bought the products, inspected them before they left Nepal, shipped the products, and was responsible for all Customs clearances. We stored the products for a short time until they could be picked up.

Budget Purchases

We were given a shopping budget to shop for jewelry. We were given a budget for each type of jewelry desired. The company also gave us a list of stones and styles to avoid. Within each budget, we were allowed to choose whatever we thought would be best. For jewelry, this type of buying is really ideal, because our buyer is allowed to pick out brand new designs, and you are not restricted to last years styles. We have years of experience that we can draw on to avoid unpopular products, and products with quality control problems. Also, we can offer the most stripped down prices, because we can just charge our buyer’s percentage. We don’t have to inflate prices enough to cover possible surprise fluctuations in the market. The customer need only pay for shipping from Vermont to their own store. All international shipping and customs are taken care of. The customer gets international pricing, with none of the risk.

This wholesale method really does give you a great price; one that is generally much cheaper than American wholesale. There is, however, a downside. That is: it often takes a long time to get your goods. Patience is required. We believe the large savings are well worth the wait. If you order handmade items, the makers need time to produce the products, and for handicrafts, you must wait for us to ship your goods with our order. Quality handmade goods are always worth the wait, as long as the price is right. We will give your order an approximate E.T.A., but it is best to order well before you need the products. The time involved will depend on the type of product selected, and the method of shipping required.

Interested parties should e-mail us at email@tradewindsvt.com, or simply call or visit the store. for more information.

Please feel free to contact us at any time!

Sincerely, Diana and David McLeod