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Dear Readers,
            You may have noticed that I've slowed down on my writings in the past few months. This is because I'm working on putting all of my travel writings into a book. I hope you will enjoy it when it gets published. This is a big endeavor, since all of these vignettes need editing and re-writes, so I beg your indulgence if my stories on line do not change as frequently as you would like. I will also be doing a few repeats during this time. Please scroll down to visit the archive, if you've already read what's here. Thanks for understanding, Diana
P.S. I hope the book will be out by Christmas!

"A "SKIMPY" TALE: Malaysia
                                                                By Diana McLeod                                        2017

       Sometimes, you just can't help it. No matter how careful you are as a tourist, sometimes you're just out of place, or in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        On our last day in Malaysia, we decided to pamper ourselves. Dave and I stayed at the "Sama-Sama" luxury hotel at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, since we were starting the ordeal of flying home the next day, and we wanted to get the best night's sleep possible.

        That morning, I planned to sunbathe at their beautiful pool, which was located on the bottom floor of the hotel, one floor below the lobby. After breakfast, I donned my swimsuit, wrapped a gauzy scarf around my bare shoulders and open back, and headed for the elevator. I thought that my modest "skirtini" with the scarf would be suitable enough for the hotel elevator, even in a conservative country, so off I went.

        The elevator opened into the conference hall of the hotel. The pool entrance was off to the right, on one side of the ballroom. When the doors pinged open, I found that the venue was packed, despite the early hour. Several hundred people were seated facing the elevators, and every eye was on me.

        To my horror, I realized that I had innocently walked right into a Muslim prayer convention in my bathing suit. Every man was wearing stark black, with white Muslim prayer caps on their heads. Every woman was fully veiled. And there I was, the brazenly overexposed American...

        I headed for the pool with all the dignity I could muster. Talk about being underdressed for the occasion!


        Thanks for reading, Diana McLeod

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